Monday, November 12, 2012

Nov. 10,

It snowed yesterday!!! There's like 6 or 7 inches of snow right now!! We had lots of fun in the snow today. the mountains looked so cool this morning! I'm having fun in the MTC, but i also can't wait to leave for Hawaii!! We've had a great time in our classes and Bro. Bacon and Bro Roberts are great teachers. In the classes we just learn about how to best teach investigators, we learn how to personalize with them, how to begin teaching, personalize the lesson, and how we can be led by the Spirit,most importantly. Me and Elder Miller are really good at teaching all the "investigators" we have. It's weird because you know i don't talk alot, but when I teach with the Spirit, I always know what to say, I had a few awesome experiences with that. When i bore my testimony about the Atonement one time, I remember I very distinctly felt the Spirit as a burning in my chest. That was probably my best experience I had so far at the MTC. i also made sure I wrote that experience in my journal so I wouldn't forget it. I don't think i'll miss the food at the MTC, but i'll miss all the drinks you can get, soda, juice, chocolate milk, oh and the donuts. The gym time we have every day is always so fun, we always play volleyball. On wednesday,  a guy spiked the ball super hard, and it hit my stomach and knocked me on the floor, everyone including me was laughing, it always a blast at the gym. Oh and someone ransacked  our room yesterday, but we fixed it, lol. I put my magnets in my scriptures and now I can stick my scriptures on anything metal and it will stick there, its pretty cool. We also have an Elder in our zone that came from Hawaii, his name is Elder Kala. he's pretty cool. We tried to get him to speak pidgen, but he said it's hard and he can only do it with other people that can speak it, so I haven't gotten to hear any pidgen yet. It's awesome here and my knowledge and testimony have grown so much. Can't wait for Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!


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