Monday, December 10, 2012

December 3rd

Hi. Glad to hear you like the pictures. Mission life isn't really what I expected. But then I didn't know what to expect. I like that I can get my own food, like frosted flakes and other yummy cereals. Yeah, I can get all the food I want lol! I had a pretty good week last week. First, I got a brand new bike!!! Now we can go places without me being worn out using the bike with one pedal or have people give us rides. Then on Friday we had zone exchange, and I spent the whole day with Elder Packer. He's a short Korean guy, but he's from Utah. He's funny and he talks kind of fast. So the whole day we drove around his area trying to visit the people he had planned for the day. We didn't have any success doing that, but we had an appointment at 6:00 pm with a guy named Nathan. Nathan is like 40 years old and has a family, but we only met with him. Elder Packer said they've been meeting with him for like 3 or 4 months, and is not really progressing a lot. He hasn't been come to church yet, because his family goes to a different one. So we  set up a return appointment, this time with his whole family, but I won't be there for that appointment. The same day, we had an appointment with Shawn, but since it was zone exchange day, I wasn't able to go. Elder Duck said that Shawn doesn't want us coming over anymore because the family there doesn't really like us. So that kind of stinks, but we'll try some more. We're starting to get to know the members more, and getting to know members is very helpful for finding investigators. Oh and the Travis Smith guy, he was my companions first Zone leader!!! 
Thanks for your prayers! I know there helping!
 Love, Ty
p.s. the moon looks the same

Our Christmas lights!

My New Bike!!
Looking towards Pearl Harbor

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