Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Weeks From Christmas!

Hi everybody.
Its been a fun week! It went by so fast. last week didn't start off so well though, the chain on my new bike broke while we were riding home, so the next day I got the chain off of the old bike and put it on. it took a while to do it with with mostly broken tools. But after I fixed it, all was well. On Friday, Elder Willyerd went on an exchange with me, and he knows my area really good, so we visited lots of people and found a few unbaptized members. Our goal this month is to get 3 baptisms per companionship, and I think we can do that, all we have to do now is set a date with the unbaptized members. One of the families, the Meltons have a daughter I think that isn't baptized, and the family is active, which is kind of weird. We also did a lot of zone tracting this week. I like zone tracting because we have everyone in the zone tracting in a certain area, and we get lots of new investigators that way, usually 6-10 new ones. Church yesterday went well, we had an investigator at church that the Bishop's family invited. We will probably visit him this week. Today was a fun day. We went shopping at Walmart, and played rugby. Rugby is pretty fun but I forgot to bring my shoes this time when the grass was actually dry, all other times we've played its been wet. Oh and Shawn Fabio dropped us, so that's a bummer, but now we have some more people we can teach this week through zone tracting. I'm also learning how to use a fire knife, and I made my own out of a pvc pipe. hopefully I can be good at it by the time I come home lol! Its been a fun week and I can't believe I've almost been here a month now! I love you guys so much! 

Love Ty

Where's my leg!!

Fire Hazard but it works.

Our work area?

My first Fire Stick!

Ewa Beach

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