Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years Eve!

Hi everybody!!!
Last week was pretty cool. We hit the high watermark for the mission this year.(most baptisms in a year record).
the previous record was 1103 which was made sometime in the 1850s and we hit 1104 this year!!!!!!!! The last baptism that broke the record, they set a date on Saturday night and had their baptism the next morning, which was yesterday!!! The lady that was baptized was in our ward boundaries but the Ewa 2nd Elders found her and set the baptismal date. She has one of those service dogs that she brings everywhere. The baptism was at 7am so we stayed at the church the whole day almost. So now me and Elder Duck will be able to get to know her better as we teach her the lessons that we do after baptisms. So for new years we can stay up till 1:00am and party with the zone!!!!!! that will be fun. I was teaching Elder Kopishke, 1 of our zone leaders, how to play Waterfall today and he's got about 1/3 of it already, he plays by ear really good. He wants me to teach him some more of the song next P day too. Me and Elder Packer tried to play all of me together on 1 piano, but we didn't get very far, lol!! It's hard! For next month we have 2 baptisms ready, we just need to schedule them after all the holiday crazyness is over!! Hope you guys are having fun, because I sure am!!! Thanks for your prayers and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Ty

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