Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb. 11th

Aloha everybody!!
 This week has been great. I got a new companion and his name is Elder Dorff. He's from Seattle and he went to BYU Hawaii before he came out here. He can speak some Japanese and he's a computer guy  lol. Our new District Leader is Elder Kellogg and he's training an 18 year old Missionary. We had 28 new missionaries come this transfer, and our transfer we had 17 so this one was the biggest one by far. A lot of areas in the mission got whitewashed this time because of all the new missionaries. We also got a new zone leader, Elder Bowlby. He replaced Elder Kopischke who went to be a zone leader in Mililani. I also got to see all of our MTC district at the transfer meeting so that was cool, oh and Elder Deane and Elder Seaich are companions again and they're whitewashing! lol! They were mtc comps. So this week we just visited a bunch of members and introducing Elder Dorff to them. We also taught the Blanchards   this week, but Sis Blanchard is getting stressed out with a lot of people visiting her and she said to hold off for a week, so we hope that she is still doing good with her family and want to continue with the lessons. I hope all of you are having a good time!!

Elder Randall

Our Trash!

Our Pan of Fire!!

Elder Dorff

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