Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb. 25th

Aloha everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week was pretty good. We have Ronel's baptism coming up on Saturday at 7pm, so we're meeting with him almost everyday now. He's really excited for his baptism. We also set another baptismal date with another investigator, Elijah Lewis. He's an unbaptized 9 year old and their family is inactvie, so we're trying hard to reactivate the family. The dad really wants to get him baptized but, we need them to come back to church also, and so far we have no luck. His baptismal date is march 16th so ew still have some time. On friday and saturday we went on exchanges, friday I went with Elder Lockwood. Elder Lockwood is a part of the first group of 18 year olds. I know I had a good day but I don't think Elder Lockwood did. He hates riding bikes, and on the bike he was riding, 2 spokes fell off of the back wheel. We did get alot of work done that day though, and Elder Lockwood could barely walk the next day because e was so sore, lol. On saturday Elder Morris came with me again, and we had a good time, the bike he was riding however, was wobbling so much, because the lack of spokes in the back wheel. the wheel has like 12 spokes left lol. But it survived the day. Saturday night we had a cake wars activity. there were like 8 unfrosted cakes and 4 people with each cake, and each of the teams were given a scripture, and we had to decorate the cake so the judges could recognize the scene or object described in the scripture. Of course me and Elder Morris participated and we were given a scripture that talks about Joseph and his coat of many colors and how his brothers were jealous of him. I think we did a pretty good job, lol. And of course I took a picture of it. Oh and I also got a haircut! Finally! I haven't gotten one since the MTC.
Well Thats it for this week. Be safe and ALOHA!!!!!!!!!
Elder Randall
My first mission haircut

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

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