Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jan. 28, 2013

Aloha everybody!!!
We had a great baptism on Saturday! A lot of primary kids showed up! Nana wanted me to give the talk on baptism and Elder Kopischke to do the ordinance of baptism. She wanted Elder Kopischke to do it because Nana and her older sister Reva first met Elder Kopischke a year ago. Ewa Beach 1st was Elder Kopischke's first area. While he was there he baptized Reva. Now he's back as a zone leader. I thought that was pretty cool. The baptism was a great experience for me. I got to learn how to set it up too.
We're also starting to go out with the Bishop more often, he really helps us a lot!!
Especially since he has a car, work moves a lot faster.
On Tuesday we did some fire knifing. It was really cool at night. Now that I've tried it, I want to get better at it and do some of the tricks the other Elders did. Then when I come home I can show you guys!!! If I practice a lot I could be super good by the time I come home lol!

I love you guys alot!!
Elder Randall

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