Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 25th

This week has been fun except that it rained for 3 days straight. It finally stopped this morning, which was good because we did a hike this morning and I got some cool pictures. The hike we did is called The Pillbox. At the top there is a concrete shelter thing with lots of graffiti on it. We had a lot of fun even though it was super muddy and slippery when we started the trail. So far it's been a fun P-day. Our ward, Kahalu'u, building is under renovation because it got flooded like a year ago. So we meet at a different chapel in Waikalua. Since there are 4 wards meeting there, we have the last slot which is 3pm-6pm. I've never heard of people going to church that late!!! It would be nice if we could sleep in on Sunday ha ha. Sunday morning I was filling out paper work because someone hit our car Saturday night. We were at our pad, (apartment) eating dinner, and when we came back out to go to a member's house, there was a dent on our car. Elder Mendoza was mad, because it was a brand new 2012 car with only 5000 miles on it, so I had to get all the information from the person who hit us, which took awhile, and email it to the mission office today. Other than that, I'm getting to know the people more here and the area alittle better, now Elder Mendoza doesn't have to tell me where people live most of the time. Elder Mendoza and I are having a great time teaching our investigators more about the gospel, and I'm getting better at teaching too! I still have a hard time teaching kids though because you can never keep their attention for longer than 2 seconds, but Elder Mendoza knows some magic tricks and those really get their attention! lol. We just need to relate it to the gospel. Well I hope you guys are having a good time and have a great Easter Season!!!
Elder Randall


March 18th

Aloha everybody!!!
So far I love my new area! It's nice being able to drive again! Elder Mendoza doesn't have a drivers license so he can't drive. The area we have is big compared to my last area. Elder Mendoza is a hard worker too. Kaneohe has a lot of great views. Really beautiful. The place we live at is actually owned by a family in the our ward. they have a really big house, and we have an awesome view of the ocean and mountains. The room we live in is really big, one room, a bathroom, and 2 queen size beds!! I don't know If Elijah got baptized in my old area last week, i'll have to call and find out. I'm still trying to learn the area and the people were teaching. Elder Mendoza is from the Phillipenes and he's been out for 9 months, but only 5 weeks in this area, so he's pretty new to this area too. He has Gout but It's not bothering him now. He is very talkative and knows English pretty well. There are alot of potential baptisms here too. We just need them to come to church. Last week at transfer meeting was fun, and weird because Lele Willis was there, or Sister Willis lol. She is going off island, or off Oahu, but I forgot where. So that was cool. I didn't take a picture of her though, sorry she wasn't with her companion yet I don't think, because her companion flew straight to her area in the morning. I miss all the friends I made in Waipahu, especially the members, but I'll get to know new people in this area. Elder Duck was born in this area, Kahalu'u and now He's back home!!!!! Weird! Well, I love you guys and I appreciate all that you do for me.
Elder Randall
Me with Chinaman's Hat island in the background.

Closer upper

Palm size

Our Pad

Our view

Monday, March 11, 2013

Guess what!!! I'm getting transfered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to Kahalu in Kaneohe Zone!!!!!! With a car!! I'm very anxious! My new companion is Phillipino I'm hearing. We played rugby today with like 3 other zones today, Makakilo, Mililani, and Kaneohe. We had lots of fun! I also like the new camera a lot! I'm sad that I'm leaving my area though. I like Elder Dorff a lot. I'll also miss Elijah Lewis' baptism. I still need to get Nana's scriptures to her because she wasn't at church yesterday. They are super shiny and new! Thank you very much! I'm sure she will appreciate them alot. It's been great serving in Ewa Beach in Waipahu and I'll miss it. I'm looking forward to my new area and companion and a car! I'll get to see Lele on wednesday too, that will be weird!!!!!!!! I love you guys! Aloha!

Elder Randall
Me Zoned?

Rugby dudes

Kicka da ball!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aloha everyone!!!
First fo all, the baptism with Ronel didn't happen. His family is
Catholic, and discouraged him to be baptized on Saturday. We're still
working on him though, I think he still wants to be baptized so we
just postponed it. The other investigator with a baptism date, Elijah,
hasn't come to church yet, but his dad still wants him to be baptized,
but all they need to do is come to church. So we need to work with
them alot too. Oh and Elder Dorff's bike broke on Thursday. the chain
derailer in the back got caught on the spokes and ripped the derailer
right off. So our wardmission leader got him a new bike the next day,
because the mission office said it would be a couple weeks before they
got one. I know that if we continue working hard, we can get those 2
baptizms this month and I'll be super happy if we do! I look forward
to what will happen this week!

Elder Randall

I made a laser gun out of cardborad and duct tape
Elder Dorff was hiding from me in the cabinet and he knocked stuff over lol!