Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 18th

Aloha everybody!!!
So far I love my new area! It's nice being able to drive again! Elder Mendoza doesn't have a drivers license so he can't drive. The area we have is big compared to my last area. Elder Mendoza is a hard worker too. Kaneohe has a lot of great views. Really beautiful. The place we live at is actually owned by a family in the our ward. they have a really big house, and we have an awesome view of the ocean and mountains. The room we live in is really big, one room, a bathroom, and 2 queen size beds!! I don't know If Elijah got baptized in my old area last week, i'll have to call and find out. I'm still trying to learn the area and the people were teaching. Elder Mendoza is from the Phillipenes and he's been out for 9 months, but only 5 weeks in this area, so he's pretty new to this area too. He has Gout but It's not bothering him now. He is very talkative and knows English pretty well. There are alot of potential baptisms here too. We just need them to come to church. Last week at transfer meeting was fun, and weird because Lele Willis was there, or Sister Willis lol. She is going off island, or off Oahu, but I forgot where. So that was cool. I didn't take a picture of her though, sorry she wasn't with her companion yet I don't think, because her companion flew straight to her area in the morning. I miss all the friends I made in Waipahu, especially the members, but I'll get to know new people in this area. Elder Duck was born in this area, Kahalu'u and now He's back home!!!!! Weird! Well, I love you guys and I appreciate all that you do for me.
Elder Randall
Me with Chinaman's Hat island in the background.

Closer upper

Palm size

Our Pad

Our view

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