Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aloha everyone!!!
First fo all, the baptism with Ronel didn't happen. His family is
Catholic, and discouraged him to be baptized on Saturday. We're still
working on him though, I think he still wants to be baptized so we
just postponed it. The other investigator with a baptism date, Elijah,
hasn't come to church yet, but his dad still wants him to be baptized,
but all they need to do is come to church. So we need to work with
them alot too. Oh and Elder Dorff's bike broke on Thursday. the chain
derailer in the back got caught on the spokes and ripped the derailer
right off. So our wardmission leader got him a new bike the next day,
because the mission office said it would be a couple weeks before they
got one. I know that if we continue working hard, we can get those 2
baptizms this month and I'll be super happy if we do! I look forward
to what will happen this week!

Elder Randall

I made a laser gun out of cardborad and duct tape
Elder Dorff was hiding from me in the cabinet and he knocked stuff over lol!

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