Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 1st

Aloha everybody!!!
last week was really fun and interesting. Tuesday, I went on an exchange with Elder Takei in his area which is a walking area. Elder Takei is from Japan and he's been on his mission for almost 2 months. He went to school at BYU Provo before his mission so he knows how to speak English pretty well, but he has a funny accent. So Elder Takei and I had a pretty good day just walking and geeting to know each other more, and visited the people he had planned to visit. We probably walked like 7 miles and my feet hurt so bad, but the next morning my feet felt just fine. This week was super slow as far as missionary work. It seemed like everybody was busy or gone on vacation because of spring break and Easter. Here spring break is a week and a half. Wednesday we did an hour of tracting and nobody was home or didn't want to answer the door. So we focused more on the part member/ less active familes past 2 weeks. On Friday we went on another exchange, and I went with Elder Sheperd to his area. Elder Sheperd is from Oregon! They have bikes in their area but they have nice bikes, so I actually enjoyed biking around with him. We didn't do much that day because the apartment building had a water leak somewhere and the manager guy wanted to check all the rooms to find out where the leak was, we were told to stay in the room untill they found the leak. They found it around 3pm. So we were able to leave by then. We visited a part member family and invited the non member to be baptized, and he said he would love to be baptized! On saturday I was back in my own area. We only had one investigator at church on Sunday, it's hard to get people to come to church here, probably because we have it at 3pm. Today we did another hike. This one was pretty easy, no mud or rough trail just paved all the way. At the end there is a light house that you can't get to, but the view is always awesome. Well that's all for this week. Have fun be safe. Aloha!!!!!!!!
Elder Randall


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