Monday, April 29, 2013

April 22

I just got the birthday package on Saturday. Thank you guys soo much! I don't know how we're going to cook the cake because we don't have an oven! Maybe we can make it like pancakes and then frost them, that would be funny! Anyways we had a good week last week our last week of the transfer! On Wednesday I'll be six months out! 1/4 of the way lol! The people we are teaching are still progressing and in May they will be ready to be baptized. I am not going to be transfered and neither is Elder Mendoza, so we will be here another 6 weeks, next transfer day is June 5th. On P-day we did zone activities the whole day, we played ping pong in the morning at 10 had a zone lunch at a chinese place, and did a slip n slide at one of the chapels. We had lots of fun and I got lots of pictures of the slip n slide. I think 7 missionaries are going to transfer into our zone. I'm looking forward to this new transfer!!
Elder Randall

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