Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6th

Aloha everybody!
My week has been good. We were able to do service in Pearl Harbor again on Wednesday! This time we swept the deck on the Battleship Missouri. There were 22 of us so we split up and 11 of us went on the left side and the others went on the right side. Our group was on the sunny side, while the other group got to work in the shade. It took us about an hour to sweep our side with the tourists occasionally coming through where we were sweeping. After sweeping the deck, Kevin, the guy who always tells us missionaries what to do, took us down into the engine/boiler rooms and told us all about the ship and how it works. All of us learned a lot there. Kevin likes to have fun with us. Last week we found a good person to teach. She is going to BYU and has member friends so she is a good person for us to teach. other than that we are still working hard with our investigators that want to be baptized, and have a goal for baptism set. We are looking forward to this month for our investigators to be baptized, and for being able to call home on Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you guys!
Elder Randall

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