Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013

I had a great day yesterday! I had a great time talking on the phone with you guys! It's great to hear your voices, and i'm glad that you're doing good.
Our week last week started off kind of slow and on Wednesday we had to take our car into the auto shop to fix the dent on the car and they said it would take a week to fix it! So we've been walking for 3 days until we could get a temporary car. Walking in our area is hard, our area is so spread apart, but we still tried to work. Up until Saturday, our week was slow, but on Saturday and Sunday we had a lot of success! We found 6 new people that invited us to come back and teach them and their family! So hopefully this week we can meet with them and teach them also. On Sunday we went tracting in the rain for 2 hours and said "happy mother's day" to everyone we met. So our week ended pretty well.

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