Monday, June 17, 2013

June 10, 2013

Aloha everybody!!! I bet you guys are wondering how I like the Samoan ward. Well they feed you a lot! They make a family sized dinner just for the 2 of us and the food we don't eat and even more food they make us take home. We've only 4 dinner apts. so far and our fridge went from being almost empty to full! At church, sacrament meeting is in Samoan, so I didn't understand any of it, I can only understand when they say thank you and when they say Jesus. Sunday school is in english, and priesthood is in samoan. My companion Elder Willyerd doesn't understand samoan either, he does know a few more phrases though, he's been in this ward for 6 weeks. It's funny that they decided to put 2 white people that don't know the language, in a language ward. usually they have 1 missionary that speaks and one that's learning. On Saturday we went to a baptism for Madison in Ewa 1st ward. Me and Elder Dorff taught her and she was ready for baptism, but she didn't have permission from her parents yet when I left. But now she is baptized so that's cool that I got to see it. They whitewashed Ewa 1st again, Elders Merrill and Andreasky are serving there. Elder Merrill came with me from Kaneohe, so I know him. 'In the Samoan ward we have a  few investigators and one of them is really close to being baptized, her name is Amber she's 23 I think. Sunday was her 2nd time coming to church. So we're going to meet with her a lot this week. It's weird being back in Waipahu, It feels like it's been forever since I was here. We live in Ewa beach. I Already know almost half of our area which is all of Waipahu zone. the other half is Millilani which is the biggest zone on this Island. Well that's all for this week. Aloha!!!
Elder Randall

pic: My comp Elder Willyerd from Missouri trunked out of his mind! Just kidding lol!

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