Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3rd 2013

Aloha everybody!!!!!!! Last night we got transfer calls. Me and Elder Mendoza will be getting transfered to Waipahu. This time I'll be in a Samoan ward with Elder Willyerd, and Elder Mendoza will be with Elder Verdera who is from the Phillipenes too. This is so weird. I wonder if Elder Dorff is staying in Ewa 1st, probably not. I heard Elder Dorff baptized Ronel and Elijah after I left, I started teaching Ronel and Elijah with Elder Dorff so that's awesome! I was a part of 3 baptisms. In Kahaluu, they are going to put sisters there. They've had sisters before a long time ago though. I hope the sisters will continue teaching all of our investigators, which, I'm sure they will. Well it's been great serving in the Kaneohe zone! Now back to Waipahu!
Elder Packer, the one who can play all of me and is super awesome on the piano, will be going home this week, I'm going to miss him a lot. Elder Willyerd will also be leaving after this transfer, so I'll be his dying companion lol!
         We did a hike this morning, finally! We went to manawili falls. The hike was super muddy and slippery!!!! My shoes are brown now lol! I didn't know it would be that muddy. but we had lots of fun doing the hike. I took a lot of pictures too, I might have to do seperate emails for them. Well, next week I'll tell you all about Waipahu and the Samoan ward!!
Elder Randall

P.S. Pics will be in separate email.

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