Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 27th 2013

Aloha everybody!
I had a fun week last week! On wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Devore in Waimanalo which is the closest area to Honolulu zone I think. Elder Devore came out with Sister Willis in March. We ended up doing service in the morning with the zone leaders up untill lunch time, and then the member we did service for took us out to eat. Right now Elder Devore and his companion Elder Allen are staying with the zone leaders because their apartment in Waimanalo got some fire damage because the apartment right next to theirs caught on fire. The zone leaders live like 2 minutes away from us so we didn't have to drive very far for exchanges, but in the morning we drove all the way to Waimanalo, which is like 30 min away, so they put lots of miles on their car. Sunday was our Ward Conference and it was well done, they even had a  program for each hour of church! The Stake President was impressed. On memorial day we got up early and helped set up for the ward picnic/party at 7am, we got done setting up at 10:30am and the picnic started at 11am and they wanted us to stay so we could help put everything away when we were done. They had a ton of food, or as they say it, Choke food!!! I ended up just drinking alot of water and juice with a little bit of food because we played football and kickball the whole time. We had lots of fun and I got sunburnt. When other Elders saw me, they were like what happened to your face?!?! Today we went to the Temple that's why I didn't email yesterday. I got to see my MTC companion Elder Garrett Miller because today was their temple day too! I made sure I took pictures too! Transfers are coming up on june 5th and I have a feeling that I will be taking over my area again! At least I know most of the people now and I'll continue working with the investigators we have, and right now we have a person with a baptism date on June 15th and she said she really wants to be baptized so next transfer will be exciting I hope!
Aloha!!! talk to you next week!
Elder Randall

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