Monday, July 8, 2013

July 1st, 2013

Aloha everybody!!!We had an exciting week! We had another mini missionary that stayed with us from Thursday to Sunday. His name was Anderson Dominic, he's from the Marshallese branch. He said he served 2 mini mission before this one and the last one he did was in the Samoan ward, so this is his 2nd time in this ward doing a mini mission. He went with us on a few lessons and it seems like he's already trained as a missionary. The 4 baptisms that were scheduled for Saturday last week went well, we realized that the parents weren't members so the 8 year old brother of the kids will count as a convert too! The baptism went really well, our ward mission leader set everything up perfectly. Lots of people came, mostly family, the Samoan people have huge families. I had the opportunity to baptize all of them. It definitely was a great experience that I will always remember. And I'm glad that we had Elder Dominic with us too, he enjoyed every minute being with us, and so did we

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