Sunday, July 28, 2013

June 22nd 2013

Talofa! lol I'm going to learn a lot more Samoan now. My new companion is from Western Samoa, and just came from the MTC. He speaks very little English, so it's kind of difficult to communicate, but he's funny and now I get to learn the samoan language faster. He bonds super well with the ward, I think, I still don't know what they're talking about unless they talk about numbers, lol. I found a Samoan missionary booklet thing put out by the church in our pad behind my desk, so that will definetly help me.
    I got to see Elder Willyerd on Thursday right before he flew home that night. They went to pearl harbor to do all the tours there, and guess who they saw? Elder Duck (well not anymore), and his family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to see him so bad! Some ward members in ewa 1st ward also said they saw Brother Duck and his family at the temple Friday night. I wonder how long he's staying in Hawaii.
    Missionary work was kind of slow this transfer week, always is, but one of our new investigators came to church,  We're trying to schedule an appointment with him this week so we can start teaching him.  I heard from Joseph Black that he had a baptism, thats great!

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