Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 12th 2013

Aloha everybody!!! I'm guessing you guys are wondering what happened this week ,because last week I told you guys we would be scheduling a few baptisms. We have 2 investigators with a baptismal date and we are teaching a less active family that has 3 unbaptized kids. The mother of the 3 kids says she feels the kids won't be ready for baptism at all this month, so we will keep teaching them untill the mom thinks they're ready, and pray that she does let her kids be baptized. This Wednesday we have an appointment with a part member family that we received as a refferal, they said they have 5 children that are not baptized and a non member father. Our Relief Society president also has 2 unbaptized grandchildren that the missionaries have been teaching on the past, but they went on vacation for the summer, but now they're back. So now we have our work cut out for us for the rest of this month. Our goal for this month is to get at least 4 baptisms, and I really think we can hit that goal. i will update you guys on what happens next p-day, so pray that we can set more baptismal dates! Friday last week we did exchanges with our District leader, and our district leader is Elder Mendoza!, so Friday we were companions again! but for only 1 day, we had lots of fun that day talking about stuff that had happened since we were companions. Elder Mauga said he had a great time too, with Elder Verdera, who is also Philipino. Last week I told you guys that we would be having a meteor shower, well this morning for our p-day activity, we woke up at 2am and went to ewa beach park and we saw lots of shooting stars!!!!!!! We saw about 50-60 shooting stars!!!! It was pretty awesome, it was too difficult to take a pictures of it with my camera, and taking videos also doesn't work.:( ( can't see anything in the videos) Bummer I couldn't get any picture. I took lots of pictures of a blank black sky lol! but no shooting stars. the shooting stars all had a green tint to them. Elder Randall PS: I took some pretty cool night mode pictures after exchanges, Friday night, we were on top of a 12 story building and our district leader Elder Mendoza, lives on the 12th floor, so they took us up on the roof to take pictures. also some usless black pictures of the night sky trying to get pic of the shooting stars. the last one is not a shooting star lol.

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 5th 2013

Aloha everybody!!!
This week went pretty well since I've taken over the area, We've found many people that want to be baptized, so we will be working with them in the coming weeks and we will be having baptisms this month! Other than that, my companion is now the zone haircutter. lol. He cuts everybody's hair even mine. He's really good at it too. Next week I'll be able to update you guys on the people that want to be baptized.

Monday, August 5, 2013

June 30th 2013

Aloha everybody!! We had a super fun week last week. We had another mini missionary! So i got to train two missionaries for 3 days. His name was Elder Anitok. Cool name, he's from the marshallese branch in waipahu, waipahu 3rd, same as Elder Dominic that we had a few weeks ago. He's 17 and he's planning to put in his papers after he graduates next year. He's a super cool guy, really good at basketball. We taught several lessons with him. We also went to the Temple today. We actually came straight from the Temple to the library. It was raining some when we got out of the temple, So i got my camera out to take a picture and my lens fogged up instantly! lol! 100% humidity. I was the first one out, and when the other missionaries came outside they all grabbed their cameras too but their lenses fogged up too! It was pretty funny. We had lots of fun so far today! My companion Elder Mauga is awesome, but training him is kind of weird, I have to teach him English first, he doesn't understand most of the stuff i say, I have to simplify the things I say. He knows a little bit more english than I know samoan still. He's getting better though!! I now know enough Samoan to bear a simple testimony! I'm looking forward to the rest of this week. i hope you guys are too! Have a good week! Aloha!!!!

Elder Randall