Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 19th 2013

Aloha everybody!!! We had a super fun week this week!!! At district meeting on Tuesday, our zone motivators, Elder Leiataua and Elder Doxey did something that I htought was creative. Elder Leiataua bench pressed Elder Doxey 30 times, and 30 baptisms is our goal for each month. It was pretty cool. I've never seen anybody do that before. I took a video of it, and i'll send it to you guys. On Wednesday we went to pearl harbor!!!!!!! We didn't know we we're going till the day before at District Meeting. It was Elder Mauga's first time, and we had lots of fun. For our service we sanded old wooden chairs to make them look like new, probably so they can stain them again. Thursday night we went on an exchange till Friday night. Elder Verdera went with me in my area, and Elder Mauga went with Elder Mendoza. Friday, when we were visiting members, we got a call from our zone leaders and they said that we would be having a third companion for a few days. His name is Elder Ho Ching. He served in the oklahoma mission, and he was on his way home to Samoa, but he missed his flight from Honolulu to Samoa, so now we have him untill 2pm today. Yesterday, we had dinner with President Warner and his wife, because they wanted to meet Elder Ho Ching before he flies home. It was pretty awesome having him with us. Everybody at Church yesterday were taking to him because they all knew Elder Ho Ching's family, the Samoan people are all family I guess. So we had a pretty eventful week this last week. Our appointment with the part member family with 7 unbaptized children had to reschedule to this week, so we weren't able to meet with them yet, but it'll be exciting when we finally do!
Thank you so much guys!!! have a great week!! Aloha!!!
Elder Randall

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