Monday, October 28, 2013

October 21st 2013

Aloha and malo lele!!!! (Tongan for hello)
Wow last week was pretty something...
I guess I'll start off with how I loved being companions with Elder Morris, even if it was for just 1 week!!!!!! I know right, I didn't even get to meet his investigators that he told me so much about because I left before their next appointments! Guess where I am now?......... Honolulu!!!!! Guess which ward............ the Tongan ward!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I got transferred to Honolulu because they accidentally put 2 Elders that can't drive in the Tongan ward, so the mission President called me and Elder Morris to see if we would be willing to switch companions, so we said yes and then he said that we would transfer on Wednesday. So I've been in Kapolei for exactly 1 week.  I was looking forward to being with Elder Morris in Kapolei because we came out together, but I have a new companion now and his name is Elder Havili. He's from Tonga and he's pretty cool. Elder Morris's new companion is Elder Johnston, he's super tall and funny. So now I'm in the big city and I'm the designated driver now because Elder Havili's license expired and he can't renew it here. Living in the city is weird, we have a tiny apartment and there are so many places and people here. If we weren't in a language ward, our area would probably be super tiny and we would walk everywhere. But since we are in the Tongan ward our area is super big. And I still don't know what they're saying in Church! lol it's all in Tongan. I guess President Warner likes to put me in Polynesian wards now or he wants me to get fat lol! I weigh 180lbs. Elder Havili says the Tongan ward is super cool and that they baptize lots of people, so It'll be exciting here I think. We already found and taught a Chuukese lady named Stana, that went to church a few times in the Honolulu Mcully ward and she said she wants to be baptized next week , so we told the mcully missionaries about her and now they are working with her to get her baptized. I'll be at her baptism so you guys will be able to see a picture of her. Looking forward to this new week in another new area! hopefully I won't get transferred again lol!
Elder Randall
Me and Guess who!

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