Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 12th 2013

Aloha everybody!!! I always look forward to emailing you guys every week. One thing I forgot to mention last week was that we had our interviews with president warner. It went well. He also let us know that we will be getting iPads either by Christmas or In January, and he wants me and elder wells to do a training for the iPads when we get them for the missionaries in the mission. He says Elder Wells and I are his most computer savvy missionaries lol! We'll see how that goes if that happens, it'll be fun I'm sure. On Thursday last week we went to the temple again because we had a missionary serving in the Marshall Islands mission come stay with us for a couple days. His name was elder Fesolai, from New Zealand. He was a traveling assistant to his mission president and he had a 2 day layover in Hawaii. What a great place to have a layover.! Lol! So we got permission from president warner to go to the temple with him, because he hasn't gone in 2 years. He only has a month left. Him and my companion would talk to each other in their New Zealand accents, it was funny! lol!  We didn't do anything special for Pday yesterday, the zone leaders said it was too muddy to hike Koko head, because it rained for 2 days straight the days before. So we just did basketball like we normally do in Honolulu zone.

           OK about the baptisms that we had scheduled for last week. We had to push them back because of they're work schedules. One of our members work with them at the same company, they're co workers pretty much and he gave them to us so we could teach them, so now we have to reschedule with them. People are so busy here in Honolulu. Everybody has like 3 jobs its crazy! So while our members works with his co workers, we have a baptism coming up on Thursday. So far it's looking good with this one so I'm hopeful. I'll let you what happens next week!!!

Love Elder Randall

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