Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2, 2013

Aloha everybody!!! I have good news for you guys!! We had 2 baptisms
last week!!! Our investigators Sanga, and Sarah got baptized on
Tuesday. I attached a picture of us with them. Sanga Is in the middle
and Sarah and Peeto on the right. Sanga is Tongan and Sarah is half
Tongan half Tahitian, and Peeto is Tahitian. I baptized Sanga and my
companion baptized Sarah. I also did my first confirmation on Sunday,
I did the confirmation for Sarah. It was an awesome experience! We
still have quite a few people we are working with so we might have a
baptism in the next 2 weeks!!! Work definitely moves a little faster
here, especially with the help we get from the members. We met Sanga
through a member and Sarah through our Bishop.
   We had a prerty good thanksgiving we had dinner at a ward party so
we we weren't forced to eat more than we wanted lol! it was fun. Us and
a few other missionaries sang the Hawaii Honolulu mission song at the
party and I have a video of it that i want to send to send to you
guys. I was wearing a  tupenu which is a lava lava that you wear for
church. its pretty cool I might wear it when I get back home for
church lol! Well I love you guys so much and I will email you guys
next week!
Elder Randall

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