Sunday, December 8, 2013

November 25th 2013

Aloha everybody!!! Just another great week in Honolulu! Its starting to get a tad colder here, about 5 degrees colder lol! Its funny what people think is cold here. Cold here is 65 degress and lots of people have their jackets on. lol! I bet its a lot colder in Alabama lol! Sometimes I miss the cold though. We're not doing a hike for P day today instead we're all going to a park to hang out and play rugby and football. So I don't have any pictures for you guys right now yet. 
            We have 2 investigators that are ready to be baptized, we just need to find a time that we can schedule a baptism for them. Hopefully we can do that. Our Bishop also found a couple for us, the guy is less active, and the girl isn't and member and wants to be baptized, and this happend yesterday at church. Our members always find investigators for us. We're going to meet with them tonight so we can talk about her baptism and teach the missionary lessons!  They probably need to get married first, we will find out when we meet with them tonight. 
    Looking to next week to tell you guys our progress with our investigators!

Elder Randall

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