Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27th 2014

Howz it guys!!! lol. I say that more than I say aloha. Or I can say, Malo lelei!!! Fefe hake? I say that a lot in the Tongan ward. My companion is trying hard to study the Tongan language. We didn't really study Tongan with my last companion, Elder Havili. But now we're studying it like everyday. It's pretty cool. We have a Tongan Elder in our zone, Elder Mailau, and I always like to say the stuff I learned to him. Speaking of Elder Mailau, I went on exchanges with him, in his area. His area is a walking area, soooo we did loooots of walking. My legs were sore the next day lol. But we had fun, we picked some mangos while we walked and ate them. I'm glad that I'm not in a walking area, it would probably be good for me though lol.
        Guess what we did this morning for pday! We did a hike!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally after like 3 months we did a real hike! We hiked Koko head. It was super hard, but a pretty simple hike, you'll see it in the pictures. You just go straight up a small mountain. We had to stop like 10 times to catch our breath. You get  a serious leg workout! It was a pretty cool view at the top too minus the fog lol. The way down was a whole lot easier, it only took us like 15-20 min to get back down, but when at the bottom my knees were super weak. Just doing that hike I think that we got our exercise for the week lol.
        Well last week we got the baptismal record filled out for Brenda, now we just need to find a good time for the baptism. She stays up in Laie during the week because she goes to BYU Hawaii, and she comes down Saturday night and leaves Sunday afternoon after church, so we might have to do it early Sunday morning like 7am. We just got a new investigator, he's an old Tongan guy, but he has a hard time understanding us lol, so I'm going to see if I can get Elder Mailau to come with me to our next appointment with him.  It was pretty funny trying to explain stuff to him, but he still couldn't understand, maybe he doesn't really know what he's asking, that's the only thing i can think of lol.  Well I hope you guys have a good week!!!!

Ofa atu (love you in tongan)
Elder Randall

January 22nd 2014

Aloha Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a pretty exciting week last week. 
We finally got to go to Pearl harbor again. The past few months we couldn't go because of the Government shutdown thing. So this is the first time in 3 transfers that we've gone, or about 4 months. Oh and I finally got a Tongan name tag, I took a picture of it for you guys, you can have fun trying to read it lol! and yes, I can read it fine. My companion really wants to learn Tongan, so we got a audio disk set and book, for learning Tongan, It's called "intensive course in Tongan", so maybe that will help us understand the language better. I'm already learning new phrases too. 
     Pearl Harbor was fun, we went to that battleship Missouri as usual, we dusted of the main hallways on the ship, it took us like 2-3 hours because we were goofing off too much lol! then we carried big bags of laundry off of the ship. My legs were so sore, Walking up and down the stairs was killer, not because of the work we did that day, but from 2 days before. We were playing around watching my companion dunk a basketball, then i got an idea to use a chair so I could dunk too, so I wore out my legs so much dunking the ball that is was sore for like 4 days! it was fun though, I took a video too for you guys to see lol. 
     Well, as you guys probably guessed, we went to the Temple yesterday. It's always a fun experience to go there with everybody, President Warner and Sister Warner were there too! So after the session we went outside to take pictures as usual, the mission president had to leave though so we didn't get pictures with him. We had a great time though. We got back home around 5pm so that's why we didn't get to email yesterday. We always get stuck in traffic.
       I also have more exciting news, we have a baptism coming up, we are going to fill out a baptismal record tomorrow and she's going to get interviewed too, then it will be up to the dad on what time they want the baptism. So it could be this weekend or next week sometime. 
We are teaching some new investigators now and I think that we have 2 that are progressing pretty good so, compared to last month, it's a little slower but still going at least,so hopefully we will continue to have success. It's kind of hard sometimes since we don't speak the language, like our ward mission leader gets frustrated because it's hard to understand him because English is not his first language lol! He's the one that gives us most of the referrals too.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 13th 2014

After another week in the Tongan ward I'll have to say that this week could have been better. I say that because I was sick all last week except for Saturday and Sunday. I think it was from food poisoning from the dinner last Sunday. I thought I was feeling better on Tuesday so I ate subway for dinner. But the next day I was feeling sick again and barfed up the subway so then I called the mission office on what I should do an they said to only drink clear liquids.  So for 2 days I drank apple juice and water and didn't have any energy to do stuff because my body can't digest anything. Before I got sick I was 185 lbs and now im 177 so I lost 8lbs. But I feel like normal now that I'm better.
       So missionary work was pretty slow this week but, we got 3 solid new investigators. 1 one of them will be baptized when his father comes back home. And the other 2 are the grandchildren of one of our members. Our ward mission leader always calls us and gives us referrals every week! We also gave a blessing this morning. All of the other Elders in our zone(except the zone leaders) were doing service and me and my companion felt that we shouldn't go, lol! Then we got a call from the mission office and said that a lady called and wants the missionaries to give a blessing to her grandson. The mission office knew we were the only missionaries available because they talked to our zone leaders, who were in a leadership conference with the mission president. So we got ready and went to the hospital to give the blessing. The kid's name was  Japheth and he had a liver problem. He was only 5. So we gave him the blessing and the mom and grandma was there too and it was a great spiritual experience, and my companion felt impressed to say in the blessing that he would have a good long life, so that was cool. They say he is slowly getting better so that's good too. Well that's all I have for this week. Love you guys alooooooooooha!!!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 7th 2014

Aloha and Happy new year everybody!!!!!!!
It's been a fun week last week! Mostly because of new years but we had lots of fun. They let us stay up till 1am, so the whole zone went to a members house that lives up pretty high so we could see all of Honolulu when the fireworks went off. It was super cool you could see the whole south part of the island shoot fireworks!!! I took some pictures of it but I looks a lot cooler in person. The former Mission president John Dalton was there too at the party, so I got a picture with him and his wife. I miss that guy! My new companion Elder Shavis, is cool, we get along well, he loves to play basketball, and he can dunk the ball lol. He can play guitar too. He makes is own songs and he's really good at it, I'll have to record some of his songs for you guys. One of the YSA in our ward, his name is BJ, he is going to serve his mission in Salt lake city south mission,Tongan speaking I think, and he leaves for the MTC this Sunday, BJ would come out with us sometimes and it's cool to see that he's going to be doing what we're doing. He gave his farewell talk this last Sunday even though it was Fast and Testimony meeting, we got a picture with him too.

December 31st 2013

           Well, we had a great week of course last week, being Christmas and all, I'm so glad I got to Skype with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so great to see your faces!! After talking and seeing you guys I realized that not much has changed except for Kaylee getting taller, and her birthday is this week, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we can Skype for mother's day too, that would be awesome! It's great to be able to spend another Christmas on my mission in Hawaii. We all got presents for each other, the missionaries, and we opened them all together, we had a fun time. Every Christmas I realize why I'm here, to tell other people about Christ and help them get closer to Him.
       On Christmas Eve, the Mook family was baptized. A family of 5. I wish you guys could have been there. It was probably the most amazing baptism ever, as far as like feeling the Spirit!!!! After they were baptized, each of them got up to bear their testimonies, and for as new as they were to the Gospel, they had such strong tesimonies that I was totally blown away!!!! They area an amazing family and I'm glad that they chose to be baptized. 
        On Sunday we had another baptism. Sister Hola. She is the Aunt of one of our members, Bro Vaka. Bro Vaka was giving a talk on Sunday and he felt prompted to commit her auntie to baptism, who had been an investigator for a loooooong time. So in Sacrament meeting, at the pulpit, he committed her to baptism, and to be baptized no later than today (being Sunday). Of course, I didn't know what was going on because i don't speak Tongan, but Havili, my compainon told me afterwards. I was shocked, lol, I never heard of anybody doing that. I told my companion that the Tongan people take being bold to a whole new level, lol, and as missionaries we try to be bold. So we baptized her that day at 5pm, and the whole ward came and other Tongan members from different wards on the Island. 
          Man, I love the people in this ward, they know how to help us out, sometimes I feel like they do more than we do!! lol! they are so fun to work with! I'll miss it when I get transferred to a  different ward. Oh by the way, Today is transfer day, and my companion Elder Havili, went to Molokai, and Island with only 4 missionaries (sooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!) My new companion is Elder Shalvis. He's not Tongan, so we'll have a fun time trying to work with the members lol!!!!! Neither of us know Tongan! I think we'll be alright though, the members hopefully won't tease us too much.

Elder Randall

Pic1: Mook Family ( Bishop's son is wearing a suit near the middle, he played a key role in their conversion)
pic2: Sister Elizabeth Hola

December 16th

Aloha Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you guys had a good week last week! Our week went well but we didn't have a baptism planned last week, that would be cool to do three weeks in a row lol! But we still have people we are working with, one of or members YSA friend, and a family that will be getting baptized on Christmas Eve. So that's what we have to look forward too. Man this year went by super fast!!!!!! But then if I try to remember what I did last Christmas it fells like forever ago! I heard one Elder compare serving a mission to a roll of toilet paper" It seems like forever to get to the end when it's new, but when you pull the last sheet off, you're like "wow it's gone already!? That was fast!"Lol!. Elder Ioteba said that at zone conference for his dying testimony (going home) and everybody was laughing! They also said that we won't be getting iPads until maybe August next year! grrrrr. i wasn't able to get  a picture of the family that we baptized 2 weeks ago, I didn't want to take a picture without the whole family there. But i guess it's more important anyway to have their names so I'll give their names Instead when I get back to my planner lol I forgot it today.
           Well this morning was fun. We went to go on a  hike but when we got there they had a sig that said "No Hiking" so we were like what?!?!??!?! But the AP's had a backup plan. We went to a blowhole by the ocean, it was pretty cool except that the blowhole was blowing water out, it was just making deeeeeeeeep rumbling noises that sounded pretty cool. one of the Elders had a video of the blowhole the last time they went, and it was shooting water out like  a water cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a horizontal blowhole. I want to come back when it's firing water lol!!!!! I have some pics of course.