Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 22nd 2014

Aloha Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a pretty exciting week last week. 
We finally got to go to Pearl harbor again. The past few months we couldn't go because of the Government shutdown thing. So this is the first time in 3 transfers that we've gone, or about 4 months. Oh and I finally got a Tongan name tag, I took a picture of it for you guys, you can have fun trying to read it lol! and yes, I can read it fine. My companion really wants to learn Tongan, so we got a audio disk set and book, for learning Tongan, It's called "intensive course in Tongan", so maybe that will help us understand the language better. I'm already learning new phrases too. 
     Pearl Harbor was fun, we went to that battleship Missouri as usual, we dusted of the main hallways on the ship, it took us like 2-3 hours because we were goofing off too much lol! then we carried big bags of laundry off of the ship. My legs were so sore, Walking up and down the stairs was killer, not because of the work we did that day, but from 2 days before. We were playing around watching my companion dunk a basketball, then i got an idea to use a chair so I could dunk too, so I wore out my legs so much dunking the ball that is was sore for like 4 days! it was fun though, I took a video too for you guys to see lol. 
     Well, as you guys probably guessed, we went to the Temple yesterday. It's always a fun experience to go there with everybody, President Warner and Sister Warner were there too! So after the session we went outside to take pictures as usual, the mission president had to leave though so we didn't get pictures with him. We had a great time though. We got back home around 5pm so that's why we didn't get to email yesterday. We always get stuck in traffic.
       I also have more exciting news, we have a baptism coming up, we are going to fill out a baptismal record tomorrow and she's going to get interviewed too, then it will be up to the dad on what time they want the baptism. So it could be this weekend or next week sometime. 
We are teaching some new investigators now and I think that we have 2 that are progressing pretty good so, compared to last month, it's a little slower but still going at least,so hopefully we will continue to have success. It's kind of hard sometimes since we don't speak the language, like our ward mission leader gets frustrated because it's hard to understand him because English is not his first language lol! He's the one that gives us most of the referrals too.

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