Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December 16th

Aloha Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you guys had a good week last week! Our week went well but we didn't have a baptism planned last week, that would be cool to do three weeks in a row lol! But we still have people we are working with, one of or members YSA friend, and a family that will be getting baptized on Christmas Eve. So that's what we have to look forward too. Man this year went by super fast!!!!!! But then if I try to remember what I did last Christmas it fells like forever ago! I heard one Elder compare serving a mission to a roll of toilet paper" It seems like forever to get to the end when it's new, but when you pull the last sheet off, you're like "wow it's gone already!? That was fast!"Lol!. Elder Ioteba said that at zone conference for his dying testimony (going home) and everybody was laughing! They also said that we won't be getting iPads until maybe August next year! grrrrr. i wasn't able to get  a picture of the family that we baptized 2 weeks ago, I didn't want to take a picture without the whole family there. But i guess it's more important anyway to have their names so I'll give their names Instead when I get back to my planner lol I forgot it today.
           Well this morning was fun. We went to go on a  hike but when we got there they had a sig that said "No Hiking" so we were like what?!?!??!?! But the AP's had a backup plan. We went to a blowhole by the ocean, it was pretty cool except that the blowhole was blowing water out, it was just making deeeeeeeeep rumbling noises that sounded pretty cool. one of the Elders had a video of the blowhole the last time they went, and it was shooting water out like  a water cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a horizontal blowhole. I want to come back when it's firing water lol!!!!! I have some pics of course.

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