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December 31st 2013

           Well, we had a great week of course last week, being Christmas and all, I'm so glad I got to Skype with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so great to see your faces!! After talking and seeing you guys I realized that not much has changed except for Kaylee getting taller, and her birthday is this week, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we can Skype for mother's day too, that would be awesome! It's great to be able to spend another Christmas on my mission in Hawaii. We all got presents for each other, the missionaries, and we opened them all together, we had a fun time. Every Christmas I realize why I'm here, to tell other people about Christ and help them get closer to Him.
       On Christmas Eve, the Mook family was baptized. A family of 5. I wish you guys could have been there. It was probably the most amazing baptism ever, as far as like feeling the Spirit!!!! After they were baptized, each of them got up to bear their testimonies, and for as new as they were to the Gospel, they had such strong tesimonies that I was totally blown away!!!! They area an amazing family and I'm glad that they chose to be baptized. 
        On Sunday we had another baptism. Sister Hola. She is the Aunt of one of our members, Bro Vaka. Bro Vaka was giving a talk on Sunday and he felt prompted to commit her auntie to baptism, who had been an investigator for a loooooong time. So in Sacrament meeting, at the pulpit, he committed her to baptism, and to be baptized no later than today (being Sunday). Of course, I didn't know what was going on because i don't speak Tongan, but Havili, my compainon told me afterwards. I was shocked, lol, I never heard of anybody doing that. I told my companion that the Tongan people take being bold to a whole new level, lol, and as missionaries we try to be bold. So we baptized her that day at 5pm, and the whole ward came and other Tongan members from different wards on the Island. 
          Man, I love the people in this ward, they know how to help us out, sometimes I feel like they do more than we do!! lol! they are so fun to work with! I'll miss it when I get transferred to a  different ward. Oh by the way, Today is transfer day, and my companion Elder Havili, went to Molokai, and Island with only 4 missionaries (sooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!) My new companion is Elder Shalvis. He's not Tongan, so we'll have a fun time trying to work with the members lol!!!!! Neither of us know Tongan! I think we'll be alright though, the members hopefully won't tease us too much.

Elder Randall

Pic1: Mook Family ( Bishop's son is wearing a suit near the middle, he played a key role in their conversion)
pic2: Sister Elizabeth Hola

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