Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 7th 2014

Aloha and Happy new year everybody!!!!!!!
It's been a fun week last week! Mostly because of new years but we had lots of fun. They let us stay up till 1am, so the whole zone went to a members house that lives up pretty high so we could see all of Honolulu when the fireworks went off. It was super cool you could see the whole south part of the island shoot fireworks!!! I took some pictures of it but I looks a lot cooler in person. The former Mission president John Dalton was there too at the party, so I got a picture with him and his wife. I miss that guy! My new companion Elder Shavis, is cool, we get along well, he loves to play basketball, and he can dunk the ball lol. He can play guitar too. He makes is own songs and he's really good at it, I'll have to record some of his songs for you guys. One of the YSA in our ward, his name is BJ, he is going to serve his mission in Salt lake city south mission,Tongan speaking I think, and he leaves for the MTC this Sunday, BJ would come out with us sometimes and it's cool to see that he's going to be doing what we're doing. He gave his farewell talk this last Sunday even though it was Fast and Testimony meeting, we got a picture with him too.

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