Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 13th 2014

After another week in the Tongan ward I'll have to say that this week could have been better. I say that because I was sick all last week except for Saturday and Sunday. I think it was from food poisoning from the dinner last Sunday. I thought I was feeling better on Tuesday so I ate subway for dinner. But the next day I was feeling sick again and barfed up the subway so then I called the mission office on what I should do an they said to only drink clear liquids.  So for 2 days I drank apple juice and water and didn't have any energy to do stuff because my body can't digest anything. Before I got sick I was 185 lbs and now im 177 so I lost 8lbs. But I feel like normal now that I'm better.
       So missionary work was pretty slow this week but, we got 3 solid new investigators. 1 one of them will be baptized when his father comes back home. And the other 2 are the grandchildren of one of our members. Our ward mission leader always calls us and gives us referrals every week! We also gave a blessing this morning. All of the other Elders in our zone(except the zone leaders) were doing service and me and my companion felt that we shouldn't go, lol! Then we got a call from the mission office and said that a lady called and wants the missionaries to give a blessing to her grandson. The mission office knew we were the only missionaries available because they talked to our zone leaders, who were in a leadership conference with the mission president. So we got ready and went to the hospital to give the blessing. The kid's name was  Japheth and he had a liver problem. He was only 5. So we gave him the blessing and the mom and grandma was there too and it was a great spiritual experience, and my companion felt impressed to say in the blessing that he would have a good long life, so that was cool. They say he is slowly getting better so that's good too. Well that's all I have for this week. Love you guys alooooooooooha!!!


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