Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27th 2014

Howz it guys!!! lol. I say that more than I say aloha. Or I can say, Malo lelei!!! Fefe hake? I say that a lot in the Tongan ward. My companion is trying hard to study the Tongan language. We didn't really study Tongan with my last companion, Elder Havili. But now we're studying it like everyday. It's pretty cool. We have a Tongan Elder in our zone, Elder Mailau, and I always like to say the stuff I learned to him. Speaking of Elder Mailau, I went on exchanges with him, in his area. His area is a walking area, soooo we did loooots of walking. My legs were sore the next day lol. But we had fun, we picked some mangos while we walked and ate them. I'm glad that I'm not in a walking area, it would probably be good for me though lol.
        Guess what we did this morning for pday! We did a hike!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally after like 3 months we did a real hike! We hiked Koko head. It was super hard, but a pretty simple hike, you'll see it in the pictures. You just go straight up a small mountain. We had to stop like 10 times to catch our breath. You get  a serious leg workout! It was a pretty cool view at the top too minus the fog lol. The way down was a whole lot easier, it only took us like 15-20 min to get back down, but when at the bottom my knees were super weak. Just doing that hike I think that we got our exercise for the week lol.
        Well last week we got the baptismal record filled out for Brenda, now we just need to find a good time for the baptism. She stays up in Laie during the week because she goes to BYU Hawaii, and she comes down Saturday night and leaves Sunday afternoon after church, so we might have to do it early Sunday morning like 7am. We just got a new investigator, he's an old Tongan guy, but he has a hard time understanding us lol, so I'm going to see if I can get Elder Mailau to come with me to our next appointment with him.  It was pretty funny trying to explain stuff to him, but he still couldn't understand, maybe he doesn't really know what he's asking, that's the only thing i can think of lol.  Well I hope you guys have a good week!!!!

Ofa atu (love you in tongan)
Elder Randall

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