Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 17, 2014

HI guys I don't have very much time because there's only 3 computers
we can email on right now, and other missionaries are waiting behind
me, but I'll say that the Big island is super flippin
it's like driving through the country parts of Alabama, except that it
rains like everyday here. the water that runs through our house is
rain water, so we cant drink it or we'll get sick, so we have a 5
gallon thing of water that we fill up every so often. The car that we
have is a Chevy Cruz, which is nicer than the corollas so I'm happy
that i get to drive that, but the mission is trying to get us a truck
because the roads that we have to go on are to rough for the car, lol
I took a video of us going down this one road, but i can't send it to
you guys because its to big.
we hiked in a cave today. it was fun. super dark in there lol no one
brought flashlights except me lol!
Oh yeah, um i get along with my companion so far. his name is Elder
takei , he's Japanese. he has an accent that he wants me to help him


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