Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 3rd 2014

Howz it!!! Wow this week went by really fast! Probably because we worked a lot! Well we tried anyway. It rained like everyday this week! And I don't like walking out in the rain! Oh by the way, Next week Wednesday is transfers, I wouldn't mind staying another transfer here in the Tongan Ward, but if I do get transferred, I hope I go off island!!!!!! Well this week was a pretty slow week as far as missionary work. Some of our Investigators we would stop by multiple times a day every other day and we could never catch them home! It's always frustrating when that happens. So we visited more members than we usually do and challenge them to invite a friend over for Family home evening so we can teach more lessons and more people. Our Bishop said that whoever provides us dinner HAS to give us at least one referral, so hopefully that will help us a lot. Our Bishop is always asking what he can do to help us. He's an awesome guy. I'm going to miss this area if I leave. So that was pretty much the work for this week. I took some cool pictures of the sunset, we went up a street that goes to 1300 feet above sea level and took some pictures of the sunset, it was super cool, before coming to Hawaii I've never seen a sunset like that!!!!!!! We don't have anything special planned for today just basketball like we always do but i don't play lol,  probably because I'm not good at it. Oh and also we're not allowed to play football and rugby anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President says its because Elders are getting injured because of it. Everybody's mad about that, because everyone here in the islands play touch rugby, and now we can't without breaking the rules. it'll probably change but it's not a big deal for me right now since we don't really play rugby in this zone anyway. Well that's all for this week, I'll definitely anxious for transfers coming up next week, and see where I'll go or if I stay. If I stay, I'll be in this area for almost 6 months lol, my longest area.

Elder Randall.

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