Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 10th 2014

Aloha everybody!
I always love to email you guys and send you pictures lol. We went to the volcano last week after I emailed you guys at night. You have to go there after 5pm or else it costs $10. Anyways you can see the red glow from far away, it's pretty cool. As you get closer it gets brighter and more orange. you couldn't see the lava but you can see the bright glow from the lava, but we couldn't get very close. I wanted to go see the sunrise on top of Mauna Kea this morning but Elder Takei didn't want to wake up that early lol. It still has snow on top of it as you can see in the picture I sent.
       We have a baptism coming up. It's for 2 girls, they are 10 year old twins, i can't tell them apart yet even though we've been teaching them since i've been here. lol. Their Mom is a member but the father is not. We are excited for them. So this week we will be preparing for their baptism and also for one next week too. Next week will be Serina's baptism. She came to church yesterday, so everything's good to go, and she's excited for her baptism too. Oh and I also spoke in church yesterday too. We check the program and my name is in it to give the missionary moment (that's what they call it). But that's okay when you're a missionary for a while you get used to doing last minute stuff lol!! I shared an experience that me and Elder Takei had on Friday last week. So, we went to one of our Investigators house, she an old lady probably 80s or somthing, second time I've met her. We talked about what the Book of Mormon was andthen read a few verses from it, Alma 7:11-16. Verses 15-16 especially stuck out to her, it talked about showing God that you are willing to repent and keep his commandments, and show that to him by being baptized. As soon as we finished reading that, She asked "How long does it take to get baptized?" Of course we were happy to answer that question, and we set a date for her. Our main concern for her is if she can make it to church, she says she can, but she's going to need help. She has a care taker that comes to her house all the time, making sure she's ok and stuff. But If she really wants to be baptized, it'll happen, I'm sure!!! I guess my talk was okay since everybody came to me and said I did a good job. And when they asked If or how long I prepared for it I said I didn't lol!!
 l Love you guys soo much!!!!! see you next time!!!!!

Elder Randall


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