Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st 2014

Aloha!!!!!! We had another great week last week! We had another baptism on Saturday, her name is Shay Adolpho. There was a lot of family that came to the baptism, it was great! Shay's father was the one who baptized her. Elder Takei says that he's been working with them for 5 months. The family used to be less active, but not anymore. It's great to see families come back to church and they see the blessings that come into their lives.
     Having a lot of baptisms is tiring. Especially Elder Takei, he always says he's tired lol! This is our 3rd week in a row that we've had a baptism. Eta Paea, the sister we baptized in Feb. is now going to move to Seattle, for work and school, so we're going to have a party at their house before she leaves on Thursday this week. We'll miss her a lot.
     last week for pday we went to Ka'u the biggest area in the mission. The elders there live 1 hour from the closest missionary lol! We went to South point, the southernmost point in the U.S., and to some rocky shorelines where the waves splash the rocks really hard. South Point is just a big cliff that goes into the ocean, and people jump off the cliff, and there's a ladder that you climb back up on. It looks pretty scary lol! We took some pictures of course, we just were exploring the whole time, we had fun. See you guys next week and i''l update you guys one the next baptism! 

Elder Randall


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