Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 21st 2014

Aloha everybody!!!
   Another week come and gone! The only news I have for this week is that our investigator, Angie, wasn't able to come to church yesterday because she wasn't feeling good. The Bishop of Pahoa ward want her to come to church at least once before she gets baptized so that she knows what it's like. So we'll have to wait until she comes to church once and then she will get baptized. We visit her everyday last week to see how she's doing and to teach her the gospel. Also President made a new rule that on Fridays we have to car fast, or in other words, not use the car the whole day! So that was an interesting experience. Lots of walking and sore legs lol! I'm glad that we have members that pick us up though! Saved about 30 miles of walking lol!!! We probably walked a total of 5 miles that day lol!!! walking takes forever in an area so far spread out!
        Today for P-day we woke up at 3am and went to the volcano national park with the whole zone. We were originally supposed to watch the sunrise on Mauna Kea, but the sisters complained that it was too cold. So we went to volcano instead. It was still pretty cold though, the volcano park is at 4,000ft, it was about 50 degrees and windy. But we still had lots of fun, we did the lava tubes and did a hike in the main crater where the volcano is. After we email, we are going to do a slip n slide, yay. I kind of tired of slip n slides now lol!!! this is like my 8th time lol! but yeah it'll be lots of fun though. Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Randall

Arpil 14th 2014

Aloha everybody!!!!!!!!
Another week has passed already! Time goes by pretty fast when you're a missionary. Anyways, we had a good week last week, a little slower than it was a month before, but our investigator Angie, the elderly lady, is still progressing towards her baptism, which we'll have next Saturday the 26th. She' really nice to us all the time. When we first met her, she asked us how long it would take her to be baptized, so from the beginning she wanted to be baptized, so we're just helping her get to that point. We did miss a couple weeks with her because she was sick, but now she's doing better and we're teaching her again. We gave her a blessing, and the next day she told us that she felt a lot better. We are very excited for her, we were an answer to her prayers, literally. So hopefully she will continue to have good health so that she can be baptized!!!
   This morning we went to the Volcano National Park, and we checked out most everything that was in there. Lava tubes, the volcano, lots of craters, dried up lava fields, a lava arch, and the end of the road where the lava flowed over. It was all super cool. I took lots of picture for you guys! To see the lava inside the volcano you have to walk past the road closed/no hiking sign, so we couldn't to that lol! But I heard that a lot of people do it anyways, it would be so cool to see the lake of lava inside the volcano!!!!!!! have a great week guys and enjoy the pictures!!

Elder Randall


Friday, April 11, 2014

April 7, 2014

Aloha Everybody!!!!!!!!
    We had a pretty good week last week. We had General Conference, so time to wake up early again!!! The first sessions start at 6:00am here, so we have to wake up at least 5:15am, 2 days in a row. lol! Anyways, Conference was really good, I think what stood out most to me and what I keep thinking of is, in the first session, the Saturday morning session, was Jeffrey R. Holland's testimony near the end of his talk, you guys should listen to it if you guys haven't heard it, I thought it was super awesome!! I have 1 more general conference left on my mission, right before I go home. We watched conference at a member's home, it reminded me of the times back home when we watched conference at the Bozeman's house, because of all the food they made for us!!!!!!!!!!! elder Takei gained like 8lbs in 2 days! lol!!! The Miles family, that's their name. they always feed us so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            As far as missionary work goes, we are working with 2 people right now that are close to baptism. One of them is an elderly lady and the other is a Chuukese girl. The elderly lady is almost ready, we just need to finish the lessons. The Chuukese girl needs to get married though, her soon to be husband is a member. Being missionaries we always try to resolve people's concerns, they might not want to be baptized for some reason, so we help them gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith, once they have that, they are so much more willing to do the things that they need to do, or what the Lord wants them to do. I have seen how that works with many different people on my mission and especially in this area. 
       Eta, the Tongan girl we baptized in Feb. left for Seattle last Thursday, so we said goodbye to her at the airport, we're going to miss her a lot, but we are going to stay in contact through email.
     Today, P-day, we went to South point again, this time was to meet up with Elder Doel, well former Elder Doel. He just finished his mission here in Hawaii like 2 weeks ago, he was one of the missionaries that finished last transfer. He was in the same zone as me when I started my mission! Anyways he came back to Hawaii with his family and we met at South Point, because they wanted to take us to the Green Sand Beach. We went in their Jeep that they were renting, all 6 of us in there lol! To get to the Green Sand Beach you need a 4 wheel drive truck or Jeep, or else you won't be able to make it lol! The drive to the beach was pretty fun itself lol! all the hills, rocks,and mud we went through! I've definitely never seen a green sand beach before, so that was pretty cool. Also what was pretty cool was hiking on the rock around the beach. We got some cool pictures. You have to walk down a really steep hill to get to the beach itself. One of the best P-days i think, and it was nice to talk to (former) Elder Doel again!!! His first name is Ryan. Ryan Doel. He said it was weird going by his first name again lol!!!!!!! Hope you guys have a great time this coming week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ,
Elder Randall