Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arpil 14th 2014

Aloha everybody!!!!!!!!
Another week has passed already! Time goes by pretty fast when you're a missionary. Anyways, we had a good week last week, a little slower than it was a month before, but our investigator Angie, the elderly lady, is still progressing towards her baptism, which we'll have next Saturday the 26th. She' really nice to us all the time. When we first met her, she asked us how long it would take her to be baptized, so from the beginning she wanted to be baptized, so we're just helping her get to that point. We did miss a couple weeks with her because she was sick, but now she's doing better and we're teaching her again. We gave her a blessing, and the next day she told us that she felt a lot better. We are very excited for her, we were an answer to her prayers, literally. So hopefully she will continue to have good health so that she can be baptized!!!
   This morning we went to the Volcano National Park, and we checked out most everything that was in there. Lava tubes, the volcano, lots of craters, dried up lava fields, a lava arch, and the end of the road where the lava flowed over. It was all super cool. I took lots of picture for you guys! To see the lava inside the volcano you have to walk past the road closed/no hiking sign, so we couldn't to that lol! But I heard that a lot of people do it anyways, it would be so cool to see the lake of lava inside the volcano!!!!!!! have a great week guys and enjoy the pictures!!

Elder Randall


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