Monday, May 12, 2014

April 28th 2014

Aloha everybody!!!! Thanks for all the Happy Birthday cards and emails!!!!! I'll tell you that I enjoyed my birthday a lot. Since we couldn't do anything on Sunday we decided to do it today, so this morning we went to the top of Mauna Kea again!!!!!!! This time we went to see the sunrise. It was pretty cold!! Like 40-45 degrees. So we went and took some pictures and had fun for a little bit and then, we ate my birthday cake that I made, while on top of mauna kea lol! We tried to light the candles but it was too windy lol! We had a great time! Elder Takei didn't want to go but he said he would do it because it was my birthday lol. After a while like 1 hour later, missionaries from Kona zone showed up at the top of the moutian, including the Elder I trained, Elder Mauga. It was great to see him and finally talk to him in regular english lol! when he was my companion, he didn't know much english, but now he's telling me stories of what happened in his mission. We stayed at the top till 8am, but by then I was getting a super headache and light headed from the altitude, so we left back to Hilo to nap then to email. My headache is gone now so that's good. Next time we'll only stay at the top for an hour instead of 3 lol!
         Our investigator, Angie, came to church yesterday!  That was super good. She only stayed for sacrament though because of her condition. So after church we met with the Bishop to discuss Angie's baptism. Usually investigators should come to church 3 times before they are baptized, but Angie is a special case. We concluded that Angie should come to church one more time, because we think she is able to. Angie is still excited about her baptism, and realizes that church attendance is so important, so she said to us that she will come to church next week too, even if she is sick or not feeling good, which is pretty amazing to me lol! That just shows how much she wants to get baptized!!! Sooo I know I've said this 3 times now but, Angie's baptism is going to be next week! After she comes to church a second time.

Elder Randall

P.S. i'm sending some pictures that i didn't get to send last week


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