Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th 2014

Aloha everybody!!! I had a great time Skyping you guys!!! now the next time you see me will be in person!!!!!!! Only 5 1/2 more months left, wow! Anyways, I told you guys last week that we had a temple trip. The temple is in Kona, which is like 2- 2.5 hours away from where we live. It was a pretty cool drive. The other side of the Big Island is totally different. More dry, hot, and no trees everywhere like in Hilo side. You can see for miles. The temple in Kona is a tiny bit smaller than the one in Birmingham, but its still super nice, you can see in the pictures. The temple was closed in April, because they were doing some cleaning/ painting inside. It was a great experience as always!!! The next day was transfer day and I told you guys that Elder Demers was my new companion. He's from Susanville, California, and he's like 6ft 5in. He's tall lol! His last area was a Tongan ward, just like me lol! He 's really cool. 
        When I skyped you guy I told you that we took our car to the shop Friday morning last week, soo we won't have a car for a full week. So it'll be pretty hard to go visit the people we normally visit. it's a pretty big setback, because our area is pretty huge. So we're going to mainly work in the neighborhood that we live in, Ainaloa. 
     We set a date for Angie's baptism with the Bishop. We set it for the 24th of May. Soo we are looking forward to that day for Angie. She's excited, she loved the mother's day program at church yesterday. Desiree and her kids weren't able to come to church though, we'll hope they will come next week. We are going to their house on Wednesday to teach a lesson, so we'll ask and see if they will come to church this Sunday. I hope everything goes well this week and we are successful, especially since we don't have a car! Well guys, I'll talk to you next week and enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!!


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