Monday, May 12, 2014

May 5th 2014

Aloha everybody!
   Well transfers are this week!!! I'm staying thank goodness!!! But my companion Elder Takei is getting transferred. He is going to Waipahu, which is the last place Elder Takei wanted to go he says lol! My new companion's name is Elder Demers, and that's all I know about him lol! So I will be picking up my new companion on Wednesday. Today is not officially P-day because we have a temple trip tomorrow, but we have to email today because we wont have time tomorrow.
     Well we have been busy as far as missionary work goes, we found a part member family, the wife is a member, but less active, and the husband and children are not members. They were not on our records, so it was a miracle that they were found! They have 5 kids, and 3 of them we are teaching so that they can be baptized. The father is kind of hesitant on letting them come to church right now, because the mom at first didn't want to come to church, but if they go to church together as a family then there's no problem, they didn't come yesterday, so that was bummer, also Angie wasn't feeling good, she was sick, so she didn't come to church either, bummer again, but I'm patient, and I already know Angie's going to be baptized. I'll update you guys next time on what happens this coming week!!!!!!!! Talk to you guys on Mother's day!!!

Love Elder Randall


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