Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th, 2014

Aloha! I bet you guys are wondering how I'm doing in my new area back on oahu lol!
 The area we cover in Mililani is a pretty nice area, like middle class I guess you could say. It's a pretty small area too, in fact the smallest area I've had so far, so that's different. And I'm back on bikes lol! Yay! And I'll most likely end my mission here in this area, I started on bikes and I guess I'll end on bikes lol! Unlike my first area, we actually live inside our area, so that's nice, and it a lot smaller area too lol! Elder Bergman is my new companion, he's from brigham city, Utah. He's a good guy, talks kind of quiet, and he's been out almost 3 months! So he's still really new and I give him advice on how to do some things. I think we will work well together. it seems the work in this area is pretty slow, after all I am back on oahu, where everyone has at least 2 jobs lol! So It's hard to catch people home, kind of different from Pahoa lol!
I'm still getting to know our investigators a little more, we have 2 that are progressing, so that's good. 
         Yesterday we were both sick, and that's why we didn't email yesterday. Sunday after church, we went home and ate some lunch,  we had some leftover sandwiches in the fridge, and then after dinner we went home and threw it all up lol! I could feel it while at dinner but I didn't want to say anything. So we stayed in our house all day yesterday. I feel better today, but my stomach still feels a little weird, so we are going to take it easy today and just go to our appointments. Hopefully we'll feel normal by tomorrow. I don't have really any pictures of this area yet, only ones from Pahoa that I didn't send yet. So I hope you guys have a great week!!!!! Aloha!!!!!

Elder Randall

#1: the Pahoa motto lol!!!
#2 funny sign

June 16th, 2014

Aloha everybody! Well it's been great serving on the Big Island! I'm getting transferred back to Oahu. My next area will be Mililani 1st ward, on bikes. wooo hooo. lol! I was hoping I would stay off Island, but I guess not. Mililani is a pretty nice area, pretty mainland like. My new companions name is Elder Bergman, he's been out on the mission 3 months, lol. So that will be interesting.
I'm going to miss this area soooooo much!!!!!! This has been the best area I've served in, the most interesting, and the most fun! I'm going to
miss all the people here in the Big Island, i can't wait to take you guys there after I'm home lol! We have now taught Harold all the lessons, 
so now he just needs to come to church, then he can be baptized, I'll be checking up on the Pahoa Elders to see how the progress is going
with Harold. Elder DeMers, my comp, is going to be training a new missionary from California. What a great place to start his mission lol!
Angie is moving to Hilo today, so we have to give her to the other missionaries that are over there, and hopefully they can work with her. 
Well I don't have much time, but I'll let you know how my new area is next week, and i'll miss Pahoa a lot!!

Love Elder Randall


June 10, 2014

   Aloha everybody! Another week has gone by! The lessons were having with Harold are still going good. We are just trying see if we can be friends with his auntie so that she will let Harold come to church with us. Our ward mission leader, gave them some Molokai bread, which is super good bread, and the auntie was grateful and said thank you. And Harold is praying that his auntie will let him come to church too. So, we will see what happens this coming Sunday. We just have one more lesson to teach him. Angie is now getting a little bit better now, but she's not sure about being baptized now. She said that the Jehovah's witnesses have been stopping by. That made us pretty worried. So we will talk with her today or tomorrow, and remind her of the testimony that she gained and her whole experience in coming into contact with the missionaries. It was a pretty awesome experience for her, pretty much she was praying for a church to join and then the missionaries knocked on her door. It was Elder Takei and his previous companion that found her. So we hope that all will go well this week. This week will be busy with appointments. Yay!
       For P-day yesterday we went to Waipio Valley and hiked to the waterfall, which is a 1300 foot waterfall!!!! It was a pretty good hike, and the water fall was amazing! you could go right under the water fall if you wanted to, but that would be dumb, getting pictures of it up close was kind of difficult because I don't want to break my camera. It's like you're in a hurricane when get close It was awesome!! You can go behind the waterfall, but you can't really see anything or hear anything besides the waterfall and the water flying into your eyes lol!! Got soaking wet lol! I'll for sure take you guys there when we come back, it is a sight to see!! We also went to look inside the volcano again, and I got better pictures! 

Love Elder Randall

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2nd 2014

Aloha! Everybody!!!! This week we've been working hard with our investigators. We've been meeting with Harold a lot this week. He's was progressing a lot and said that he want's to come to church. But when our ward mission leader went to go pick him up on Sunday, he said he couldn't come to church, if he did, he said his Auntie would kick him out of the house! So that's a bummer, we will be meeting with him on Tuesday again and we'll see if we can work something out or talk to the auntie. Angie has been under the weather this whole week, we've just been stopping by to say hi, see how she's doing and if she needs any help with anything. If she gets better this week, we will ask her if she wants to do the baptism this Friday or Saturday. We have another investigator that's been coming to church with her sister, she's Catholic and she's been to church like 5 times now and now she finally wants to meet with us and teach her the lessons. So we have lots of work that we have to do, and we have 2 investigators, Angie and the sister that's been to church 5 times, that can be baptized before the transfer's over, so now we have more work to do!
      Well today for Pday we went to the volcano and looked inside of it, no big deal. There's a lake of lava in it. It was cool I guess. Lol just kidding! it was super awesome!!! I finally got to see lava!!!! Aright guys I got to go now. I hope you like the pictures!!!!!!! And videos!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 28th 2014

Aloha everybody!!! Sorry I wasn't able to email you guys sooner. As you guys know the libraries are closed on holidays, and every holiday seems to always be on Monday! Tuesday and Wednesday we were to busy to email, so today we're making time to email for a little bit.
      So we were supposed to have Angie's baptism on Saturday, but it turned out to be a bad day for her because it was graduation week. So Angie spent time with her kids and grand kids instead on Saturday because that's when their graduation was. So we had to reschedule her baptism to be this week. We visited her on Tuesday and she wasn't feeling very good, so we asked if she wanted a blessing, and she said yes, so we gave her a blessing. So hopefully she will feel well enough when the time comes for her baptism. We will be visiting her today to see how she's feeling again. We are still talking to her everyday to see if she needs anything and how she's feeling. We pray for her everyday. We have another investigator that has a baptismal date, his name is Harold. We just finished our 2nd lesson with him and now he want's to come to church and accepted to be baptized on the 21st June!!! Our ward mission leader is a very good fellow shipper for him, and he already has a friend in the church. transfers are on the 18th June so I hope that I get to stay another transfer to see Harold baptized!
      On Monday, we did lots of stuff lol! We went to see the sunrise on Mauna Kea again, went up Mauna Loa, which wasn't that exciting, we went to see Pololu valley in Kohala,which was pretty cool, and went to Akaka falls, all in one day lol! Last Friday we had zone conference in waimea again, it was lots of fun! We did lots of role playing! Well I'm running out of time, We hope that Angie will be baptized this week, the only thing that might be holding her back is her health, please pray for her. I'll email you guys again on Monday!! enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Randall

May 19th 2014

Aloha everybody!! Another week has gone by!! this one seemed to go by fast lol! Even though we didn't have a car we still got stuff done, we just stayed in the neighborhood we live in, or have members take us to the far places in our area.  My legs were really tired because I haven't been in a biking area for a long time. Good exercise though. Get all hot and sweaty. We got our car back Thursday night. I was super happy to have our car back! Cars really help the work move faster. 
     So we have Angie's baptism coming up this Saturday the 24th!! So this week we are going to make sure that everything is good to go for the baptism, it'll be a busy week, especially with all the appointments we made! Busy is good! We have quite a few investigators we are working with, and 5 of them are progressing in the gospel. I could tell you more but I don't have the time lol! Missionary work seems hard at first, but when your doing it, it's fun! It great to see how the gospel blesses peoples lives! 
       To day for P-day we went to the volcano national park to show my new companion. It was pretty fun as always lol! We went to the steam vents, we went all the way to the end of the road where the lava flowed over. it's all dried up lava though. Tonight we're planning to do some fire knifing again like we did last week. There's always fun stuff to do out here! Enjoy the pictures!!!!!

The Flames are HOT!