Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 10, 2014

   Aloha everybody! Another week has gone by! The lessons were having with Harold are still going good. We are just trying see if we can be friends with his auntie so that she will let Harold come to church with us. Our ward mission leader, gave them some Molokai bread, which is super good bread, and the auntie was grateful and said thank you. And Harold is praying that his auntie will let him come to church too. So, we will see what happens this coming Sunday. We just have one more lesson to teach him. Angie is now getting a little bit better now, but she's not sure about being baptized now. She said that the Jehovah's witnesses have been stopping by. That made us pretty worried. So we will talk with her today or tomorrow, and remind her of the testimony that she gained and her whole experience in coming into contact with the missionaries. It was a pretty awesome experience for her, pretty much she was praying for a church to join and then the missionaries knocked on her door. It was Elder Takei and his previous companion that found her. So we hope that all will go well this week. This week will be busy with appointments. Yay!
       For P-day yesterday we went to Waipio Valley and hiked to the waterfall, which is a 1300 foot waterfall!!!! It was a pretty good hike, and the water fall was amazing! you could go right under the water fall if you wanted to, but that would be dumb, getting pictures of it up close was kind of difficult because I don't want to break my camera. It's like you're in a hurricane when get close It was awesome!! You can go behind the waterfall, but you can't really see anything or hear anything besides the waterfall and the water flying into your eyes lol!! Got soaking wet lol! I'll for sure take you guys there when we come back, it is a sight to see!! We also went to look inside the volcano again, and I got better pictures! 

Love Elder Randall

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