Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 16th, 2014

Aloha everybody! Well it's been great serving on the Big Island! I'm getting transferred back to Oahu. My next area will be Mililani 1st ward, on bikes. wooo hooo. lol! I was hoping I would stay off Island, but I guess not. Mililani is a pretty nice area, pretty mainland like. My new companions name is Elder Bergman, he's been out on the mission 3 months, lol. So that will be interesting.
I'm going to miss this area soooooo much!!!!!! This has been the best area I've served in, the most interesting, and the most fun! I'm going to
miss all the people here in the Big Island, i can't wait to take you guys there after I'm home lol! We have now taught Harold all the lessons, 
so now he just needs to come to church, then he can be baptized, I'll be checking up on the Pahoa Elders to see how the progress is going
with Harold. Elder DeMers, my comp, is going to be training a new missionary from California. What a great place to start his mission lol!
Angie is moving to Hilo today, so we have to give her to the other missionaries that are over there, and hopefully they can work with her. 
Well I don't have much time, but I'll let you know how my new area is next week, and i'll miss Pahoa a lot!!

Love Elder Randall


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