Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th, 2014

Aloha! I bet you guys are wondering how I'm doing in my new area back on oahu lol!
 The area we cover in Mililani is a pretty nice area, like middle class I guess you could say. It's a pretty small area too, in fact the smallest area I've had so far, so that's different. And I'm back on bikes lol! Yay! And I'll most likely end my mission here in this area, I started on bikes and I guess I'll end on bikes lol! Unlike my first area, we actually live inside our area, so that's nice, and it a lot smaller area too lol! Elder Bergman is my new companion, he's from brigham city, Utah. He's a good guy, talks kind of quiet, and he's been out almost 3 months! So he's still really new and I give him advice on how to do some things. I think we will work well together. it seems the work in this area is pretty slow, after all I am back on oahu, where everyone has at least 2 jobs lol! So It's hard to catch people home, kind of different from Pahoa lol!
I'm still getting to know our investigators a little more, we have 2 that are progressing, so that's good. 
         Yesterday we were both sick, and that's why we didn't email yesterday. Sunday after church, we went home and ate some lunch,  we had some leftover sandwiches in the fridge, and then after dinner we went home and threw it all up lol! I could feel it while at dinner but I didn't want to say anything. So we stayed in our house all day yesterday. I feel better today, but my stomach still feels a little weird, so we are going to take it easy today and just go to our appointments. Hopefully we'll feel normal by tomorrow. I don't have really any pictures of this area yet, only ones from Pahoa that I didn't send yet. So I hope you guys have a great week!!!!! Aloha!!!!!

Elder Randall

#1: the Pahoa motto lol!!!
#2 funny sign

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