Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2nd 2014

Aloha! Everybody!!!! This week we've been working hard with our investigators. We've been meeting with Harold a lot this week. He's was progressing a lot and said that he want's to come to church. But when our ward mission leader went to go pick him up on Sunday, he said he couldn't come to church, if he did, he said his Auntie would kick him out of the house! So that's a bummer, we will be meeting with him on Tuesday again and we'll see if we can work something out or talk to the auntie. Angie has been under the weather this whole week, we've just been stopping by to say hi, see how she's doing and if she needs any help with anything. If she gets better this week, we will ask her if she wants to do the baptism this Friday or Saturday. We have another investigator that's been coming to church with her sister, she's Catholic and she's been to church like 5 times now and now she finally wants to meet with us and teach her the lessons. So we have lots of work that we have to do, and we have 2 investigators, Angie and the sister that's been to church 5 times, that can be baptized before the transfer's over, so now we have more work to do!
      Well today for Pday we went to the volcano and looked inside of it, no big deal. There's a lake of lava in it. It was cool I guess. Lol just kidding! it was super awesome!!! I finally got to see lava!!!! Aright guys I got to go now. I hope you like the pictures!!!!!!! And videos!!!

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