Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 19th 2014

Aloha everybody!! Another week has gone by!! this one seemed to go by fast lol! Even though we didn't have a car we still got stuff done, we just stayed in the neighborhood we live in, or have members take us to the far places in our area.  My legs were really tired because I haven't been in a biking area for a long time. Good exercise though. Get all hot and sweaty. We got our car back Thursday night. I was super happy to have our car back! Cars really help the work move faster. 
     So we have Angie's baptism coming up this Saturday the 24th!! So this week we are going to make sure that everything is good to go for the baptism, it'll be a busy week, especially with all the appointments we made! Busy is good! We have quite a few investigators we are working with, and 5 of them are progressing in the gospel. I could tell you more but I don't have the time lol! Missionary work seems hard at first, but when your doing it, it's fun! It great to see how the gospel blesses peoples lives! 
       To day for P-day we went to the volcano national park to show my new companion. It was pretty fun as always lol! We went to the steam vents, we went all the way to the end of the road where the lava flowed over. it's all dried up lava though. Tonight we're planning to do some fire knifing again like we did last week. There's always fun stuff to do out here! Enjoy the pictures!!!!!

The Flames are HOT!

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