Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 28th 2014

Aloha everybody!!! Sorry I wasn't able to email you guys sooner. As you guys know the libraries are closed on holidays, and every holiday seems to always be on Monday! Tuesday and Wednesday we were to busy to email, so today we're making time to email for a little bit.
      So we were supposed to have Angie's baptism on Saturday, but it turned out to be a bad day for her because it was graduation week. So Angie spent time with her kids and grand kids instead on Saturday because that's when their graduation was. So we had to reschedule her baptism to be this week. We visited her on Tuesday and she wasn't feeling very good, so we asked if she wanted a blessing, and she said yes, so we gave her a blessing. So hopefully she will feel well enough when the time comes for her baptism. We will be visiting her today to see how she's feeling again. We are still talking to her everyday to see if she needs anything and how she's feeling. We pray for her everyday. We have another investigator that has a baptismal date, his name is Harold. We just finished our 2nd lesson with him and now he want's to come to church and accepted to be baptized on the 21st June!!! Our ward mission leader is a very good fellow shipper for him, and he already has a friend in the church. transfers are on the 18th June so I hope that I get to stay another transfer to see Harold baptized!
      On Monday, we did lots of stuff lol! We went to see the sunrise on Mauna Kea again, went up Mauna Loa, which wasn't that exciting, we went to see Pololu valley in Kohala,which was pretty cool, and went to Akaka falls, all in one day lol! Last Friday we had zone conference in waimea again, it was lots of fun! We did lots of role playing! Well I'm running out of time, We hope that Angie will be baptized this week, the only thing that might be holding her back is her health, please pray for her. I'll email you guys again on Monday!! enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Randall

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