Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 14th 2014

Aloha everybody!!! We had a pretty good week. Didn't start too great, but it ended well. I say that because after I emailed you guys last week I started to feel sick, so we went home, and ended up staying home all day monday and Tuesday. It was like I had food poisoning all over again, but I didn't eat anything bad. The mission nurse said it might be a stomach bug or something. I feel okay right now though so that's good, but the nurse said it could take 10-14 days for it to get out of my system. In spite of that we were able to get a lot of work done the rest of the week. We taught a lot of lessons and we had 7 investigators go to church yesterday. So the week ended super good!!! We were able to talk to the ward mission leader about the ideas that I had about having the members help out more as far as missionary work goes. We're looking forward to the help we will be getting. I don't think I'll be sick this week so we should be able to get even more work done! We also went on exchanges on Friday, I went to the Wahiawa 1st area with Elder Shute. It was pretty fun. Wahiawa kind of reminds me of my last area as far as how the people are. We will also be going on exchanges on wednesday, but this time I'll be staying and Elder bergman will be going to wahiawa. Well that's all for this week! Hope you guys have fun!

Elder Randall


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