Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 22nd 2014

Aloha everybody! We had a pretty fun week this past week. All last week was ward camp, from Monday to Saturday, but of course we didn't go to that lol, but we did go to the Friday night potluck dinner. It was pretty fun. There were a lot of people there, even less active members and non members. then after we ate they started making huge bubbles lol. Oh and the reason that we emailed today is because we have our P-day today. We just got back from the temple, and it was pretty awesome, our mission president was even there! So for P-day not only did we go to the temple, but we are also going to the PCC! We are going to be doing it as a zone activity, and it'll be lots of fun I'm sure! We only get to see the day shows though, only the missionaries that are going home get to see the night show, which I'll be seeing in a couple months lol! Oh by the way thanks for all the letters you guys are sending me! It keeps surprising me everyday when I open the mailbox!
I get one like everyday now lol! Oh and I have pictures this week don't worry!
      As far as missionary work goes, things are going alright, it's hard for us to find people that are willing hear our message. The one part member family I told you guys about before, we weren't able to meet with them last night, which is the only time they are free. The dad has been having to work more last week and now this week. Our other investigator, Casie, is still coming to church. Casie has been taught all the lessons and wants to be baptized, but the only problem is that her mom is very against the Church and her getting baptized. It's a hard situation for Casie to decide. So we're fasting and praying for her and her mom. All we can do is to encourage her to do what she feels is right and she and her family will be greatly blessed by the gospel. Well, I love you guys so much, I thank you for all the things you do for me! I hope again that we will be successful this week in doing the Lord's work! 

Elder Randall

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